Friday 16 March 2012

Reduce, re-use blah blah ...REDISCOVER!

Having spent a few days now not buying anything ( see yesterdays blog) I start realizing that rediscovering is rather fun. Of course picking something up off your bedroom floor instead of going shopping is completely carbon neutral especially if you rediscover your wind up radio. I start to wind it up and carry on tidying. After a few minutes it starts to go wrong. I reach over and find it needs rewinding! Already! I decide to hum instead and then stop when I realize its the nokia ringtone I am humming.

I find more socks and disappointed add them to the singles pile hoping I will find their mates amongst the debris.

I perk up when I find some knitting patterns. I sit and look through them. Then I find a half made tank top. On closer inspection I discover it is three quarter made. I remember photographing is for a blog post to show you could knit on the train.

Later in the week at my knitting group I proudly show everyone my finished tank top. A few days later I even bring it into a teaching session I am doing on mental health. The audience looks at me in a much less accepting way than when I told them I took anti-depressants.

Having worked up an appetite I go into the kitchen. What can I rediscover in here? I look in the cupboard and find some dried peas. What can be greener than that? (see what i did there?)

I find my glasses to read the tiny instructions. 3 hours later I can smell burning coming down the hallway and discover that pea soup not only takes ages but also requires you to stay in the kitchen with it. I scrape off the top layer and find it is quite palatable.

I remember it is my flatmates birthday and wonder what I can give her. I have already offered to spring clean the flat but decide its a bit like buying a partner sexy underwear in that you benefit yourself as much as the recipient.

Find out tomorrow how I solved this problem.


  1. Like that colour co-ordinating thing between tank top and pea soup!

    Low carbon cooking tip: you can cut down on high-maintenence cooking time by soaking the peas overnight. Also if you cook them them for twenty minutes and let them sit for an hour they soften up.

    Ace flavoured with leeks, green chilli and thyme!

    As for those socks, tell me about them . . . where do they go?

  2. Nice pic of the pea soup! My sock hot tip - we have about 30 pairs of identical black socks shared between me, Mike, Kurt and Sol. We aren't the same size but close enough to stretch. And we never have an odd sock - except Zoe's which are a riot of different shapes, colours and frills. Can't win 'em all xx

    PS: I am going to a spinning and weaving class on Weds - do you have any experience of spinning and weaving?

  3. Thanks for the stimulus to go and look through my wool basket which contains an unspeakable amount of wool bought as bargains and never knitted up; except for some very manky half finished looking things that I was making up patterns as I went along - disastrous! I have chosen some lovely fine red wool and a proper pattern and last night knitted half the back. I have vowed not to stop until all the wool in the basket is finished and that could be years!