Monday 26 December 2011

New Year Forecasting

Every year, people wake up after the Christmas and New Year festivities and make a little promise to be different during the new year.  We'll eat less, do more exercise, maybe take up a new hobby, find a new job.  Magazine and TV adverts indulge this fantasy, suggesting that all the stresses and strains of the old year will somehow dissolve and we'll emerge, butterfly-like as new creatures full of energy and resolve.  Every year, we make those promises, and usually by the end of January or February we've settled back into our usual routine.

But, but...

Research says that we're more likely to keep our resolutions if we do them together, and what better community support network to help than Transition.

Last year on the blog we talked about the personal things we wanted to see in 2011 (check out the blog posts to read our hopes).  This year, we're writing "forecasts" rather than resolutions, things we would like to see happen, and some suggestions for making it happen.  Transition is all about the people, so ideas are only ideas until people get behind them and make them happen.

If you like the sound of something in this "New Year Forecasts" theme week, get in touch.  Only with your help can we make the ideas a reality!

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