Thursday 15 December 2011

Esther Rantzen has made us all love funny shaped vegetables

If you were watching television in Britain in the '80s you will see funny shaped vegetables differently from other people. This is due to a programme called 'That's life'. If I remember rightly members of the public would send in root vegetables that looked a bit rude. So in honour of this programme I have uploaded a picture of my first carrot from farmshare. This one is rather demure I think.

Anyway if you haven't joined farm share then I would recommend it. You get fresh vegetables every week and if you have time you can chat over a cup of tea with others as you collect every Thursday. I didn't join at first because I thought I would have to a lot of digging but I can actually volunteer in different ways. So now I just have to make sure I use all the veg every week. Last night I cooked vegetable pie and as my flat mate complemented the sweetness of the carrots I was regailing her with the advantages of organically grown food when I remembered I bought them at Morrisons... well it is Wednesday, I had to restock!

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