Friday 10 September 2010

What do you do if you make a stool and it turns out a bit low

We will come to the answer to that in a minute. But first I want to tell you about my clothes situation. Two years ago I decided to stop buying new clothes. So I now use a variety of methods for buying clothes and only buy new pants and nothing else.
I buy my 'pants for poverty' from 'Alls fair' in St Gregorie's alley in the lanes. Although I am looking for a different make as they have just made the womens pants very small and the mens are very, as the lady in the shop put it, 'shaped'.
Anyway, enough about my underwear. So these are the following methods for getting secondhand clothes.

Charity shops - okay so I know they smell and sometimes things are more expensive than in Primark BUT you don't get a warm feeling in Primark of having given to a local charity.

- there is nothing like borrowing for a special occasion. After all you cant wear it twice anyway unless you are a man of course. You have to be aware though that if you borrow something you are subject to the 'its borrowed so it will break' rule. Which mostly applies to bikes.

Swapping - Clothes Swapping parties for the uninitiated are where you invite your friends round and dump your unwanted clothes in the middle of the room and then strip off and try stuff on like clothes are going out of fashion. Or you can have a very formal affair with labels and earl gray tea etc. There is a pack you can download

Giving - once you start giving away your clothes people will just start to give YOU stuff they don't want. Its great except some friends ( you know who you are) start eying up the stuff you are still wearing.

Ebay - this is an amazing place. You can literally put in skinny black jeans size whatever and there will be some. Or you can get it to tell you when there are some. Also a local recycling community interest company collects clothes from people and sells them on Ebay, you can find it at

Stealing - my mother has a large number of clothes that she does not wear. She has dementia so after she has agreed to give them to me she forgets and takes them back. So I have to nick them back again but it passes the time.

Making - I have a local tailor (your style on Magdalen Road) who will make you a skirt to measure for £20 or shorten you trousers to capri for £5.
I also could not pass a whole blog without mentioning knitting. Its slow and more expensive than buying but that's not why we do it. We do it because we cannot stop!!

Lastly on the theme of make do and mend I add a photo from the Daisy International Charity shop in Magdalen Street. To show what to do if you make a stool that is a bit too short..

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