Sunday 26 September 2010

how to make something out of nothing

Martin Luther King did not say 'I have a nightmare'. If he did then perhaps his saying would not have been so famous. So following this philosophy what better way to persuade people to buy local and live sustainably than to have a party?
Today's blog starts a week of posts leading up to the Magdalen Street celebration. What started as a simple question 'what can we do to get people involved?' posed at an north city transition meeting has turned out to be a massive event with a double page spread in the paper. People from all walks of life have come forward to be part of the day and the event promises to be a lot of fun and hopefully the start of a greater feeling of community in the area.
Whats really amazing about the organizing of the event is that we started with no money and just had enthusiasm and a lot of networks. One person knows loads of people from NUCA, someone else the local Churches, someone else has an interest in history and before you know it word spreads and everyone is ringing up begging to be in it!
This week will include posts from many of the transitioners who have helped organize this event or who have an interest in the street.
I hope you will follow it and come on the day.
I will leave you with a picture of one of the sculptures that will be on display.
It is called one small step and for me it captures what we have done by celebrating the street, one small step to a more sustainable and enjoyable community.


  1. Brilliant post, Helen - exactly captures the mood of our project. Lots still to do, but it's going to be a fantastic day. Not just one double page spread, by the way - we got a nice generous column in the Evening News the week before and two double page spreads last week!

  2. I have fond memories of going to the Mayfair Cinema in Magdalen Street, it was situated where the TV studios are now. The shops were great from Looses to Woolworths,and the pubs on every corner, most people walked or biked then, not so many had cars. The street had life and atmosphere. I suspect most the would not give tuppence for all the spice shops and restuarants now plying their wares. Times they are a changin' twas ever thus.

    Georgina Moles

  3. Always love your blogs Helen. Really well written, entertaining to read and with a message x

  4. Glad it all went well yesterday. That check you used for your bunting, that's gingham, isn't it? :)