Monday 17 May 2010


This topic week is all about the things, or 7 deadly resistances as we are calling them, that stop us from being what we aspire to be.

I volunteered to do the first one on guilt , as I thought I was rather good at it. 'Oh no' I am thinking 'now am I being a show off!' And so it starts. So imagine how the whole green things gets me. As an illustration I will use the words of the famous song by Burt Bacharach ' I say a little prayer for you'

Assume that my prayers are for the planet and you get the idea

the moment i wake up before i put on my make up
is make up environmental?
but if i dont wear it i will look ill and people will not listen to my environmental message cos they will be thinking that all those hippie types always look half dead

I say a little prayer for you
while combing my hair now and wondr'ing what dress to wear now
I say a little prayer for you
well all my clothes are from clothes swapping but they are still originally from sweat shops but if I wear tie dyed hemp i dont think i will be taken seriously at work

I run for the bus dear
while riding I think of us dear
thats good, I am on a bus. But it still runs on petrol. maybe I should cycle but I cant be bothered

At work I just take time and all through my coffee break time
I say a little prayer for you
its fairtrade organic thats good but its not local but then that dandelion stuff tastes like sh*t

So what to do? Firstly I have noticed I am giving myself a hard time and the next step is to be kinder to myself and acknowledge more of the good progress I have made. This goes with the philosophy of transition which is to be positive. The most important thing is not to give up trying just because you are not yet using your home to create alternative energies that feed into the national grid!

I feel so much better now, thanks for listening. Its kind of been like the cross between CBT and a confession. I think I will have a knit now.

love to you all


  1. Great post, so true, and I've had that song in my head all day which is no bad thing.

  2. I think the play Turning the Tide was conveying the same anxiety that you express here, Helen.