Tuesday 17 November 2009

Tents, Documents and Transition Gatherings

I spent a lot of last week helping to prepare the Transition in the East document with Charlotte and Josiah in time for the Regional Gathering in Diss on Saturday. A lot of proofreading, phone calls, emails and conversations, cohering material from 29 initiatives around the East of England. I worked in the house, the library, the local Voluntary Help Centre and... the tent in the garden.

Charlotte and I have had the tent up in the garden for a few months now, and are still sleeping in it, though not every night. In the day when the sun shines it's a really warm place to be, and I love the spare, uncluttered feel of the space. It's just great for working in.

When we got back from the Gathering on Saturday after a full-on day of meeting people, Open Space sessions and introducing the new Transition Troubleshooting, those strong winds and rain had dislodged the pegs and down the tent had gone, the mattress and bedding was damp, it was too dark to get to grips with it and so we brought what we could in and left it till the morning. After repairing a few rips, I got the tent back on its feet late Sunday morning just as the sun broke through the clouds.

Tent photos by Mark Watson; Photo op at the Transition East Regional Gathering by Robert Stanford

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  1. hi good day thanks for sharing this post . its nice and so many to learned. nice set up too . big tent for big space like this . i think i can have this one a little bit smaller for my garden together with my garden wind spinners and other accessories . very nice .the kids gonna love it !!