Wednesday 18 November 2009

Breakfast with Friends

So what has this breakfast got to do with Transition? And where are the friends? Well,the quinces (both cooked and uncooked) come from Nick's garden in Bungay and he gave them to us on Saturday after the regional gathering in Diss. Roasted in the oven, they are fragrant and delicious and go brilliantly with the porridge, which is from Garboldisham near Diss, and milled in the windmill there. The oats are organic. The honey is from Cockfield in Suffolk.

The bread is a Downham (Market) loaf which Carol and John brought to the gathering on Saturday and gave to me afterwards. I'm not always that keen on brown bread, but this is wonderful and melts in the mouth. It is made from locally grown and milled wheat by a local artisan baker. Talking of bread, if you've been to any meeting with Jane (Comms and Transport), where there's a shared meal, you'll know what a wicked baker she is with her Norwich loaves and sourdoughs. And she uses flour from Wakelyn's Agroforestry in Metfield.

I am able to take the photos for this and my other posts for this week because Andy (he of the wonderful Transition Norwich posters and TN communications group fame) sent me a phone he was no longer using last week. Thanks for that, Andy! He also sent me another very useful item this week. But that's for another post.

PS Before you cook the quinces make sure you smell them with a good deep inbreath. Fragrant doesn't begin to describe it.

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