Saturday 22 September 2012

Nature strikes back

 Every morning, I run a mile up and down this road and the other day I realized that the wet summer has provided the moisture for the trees to grow at an unprecedented rate. Without my noticing, the road has become a tunnel!  (That is the moon at the top of the picture, not an aphid on the lens).   Before the bypass was built this used to be the main road out of the village but the brambles have reclaimed the verges and now it is only wide enough for one car.  

There are steps leading to the crossing of the A47 - which is not for the faint hearted - but the nettles provide a stinging reminder of how quickly plants can recolonize when humans leave them to it.
 On the other side of the A47, the road is now a cycle track but there are barely enough cyclists to keep it open.  A tree has grown up through the tarmac and the brambles threaten my inner tubes.   Rabbits make suicidal dashes in front of my wheels and deer are occasionally seen at the edge of the woods.

Unfortunately, at the junction with the Watton Road there is a rude awakening as the piles of fly tipping force me to carry my bike over the broken glass before I make a speedy dash along the road to reach the saftey of the cycle path through the UEA and on into Norwich.

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