Wednesday 20 June 2012

24 Hours of Possibility

Here comes the sun! Welcome to our photoblog for the Festival of Transition and the 24 Hours of Possibility that began at dawn today. Here I am greeting the summer solstice sun as it rises from the sea at Southwold, Suffolk (4.36am). It's a glorious day out there, at the sun's zenith in the sky, at this moment of maximum light on earth. Have a wonderful time, whatever you decide to do (or not-do) today. I'm travelling Westwards across the land and looking forward to meeting up fellow Transitioners at the Transition Tin Viillage and the Sunrise Festival. Oh, and having a dance! Wishing everyone the midsummer best. Keep an eye out for the photos as they appear here during the next 23 hours. (Charlotte)

Connecting with the Earth For 24 hours from between the 20th and 21st June, I'm going offline and concentrating on connecting with the earth's living systems. This will involve being at the seashore for sunrise and later on visiting some of the neighbourhood trees. Here I am curating the medicine bed at Bungay Library Community Garden. (Mark)

08.20 - Sunrise shining through the leaves of the sage flowers - at this hour the day is still fresh and alive with possibility. (Jon Curran)

10:00 am - My task for the day is to mend the damage to my improvised fruit cage, caused by the unseasonable strong winds last week. However, the wind brings rain and the rain brings flowers. Bottom right are potato flowers which are unusually abundant this year (John Heaser)

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  1. That's stunning picture of the solstice sunrise!