Thursday 10 May 2012

Car Club Evangelist

So just one month ago, I was stuck, needing a car for a couple of journeys every week, but absolutely no intention (or money) to get one.  What to do?  I found Norwich Car Club and became an evangelist for car clubs!

Last time I wrote about the Car Club, I was waiting for my electronic key to arrive, and promised to write an update.

Well, one month in, and I'm really delighted - it's so easy to book and so easy to use.  The girls now recognise the car as "our car" and want to know when we can get a car club space on our streeet.  I've even started pinning up leaflets at work.

It makes you think, if more and more people signed up across the whole country (Norwich Car Club is part of Common Wheels, a nationwide community enterprise) and effectively shared a car with lots of other people, how many less cars we'd have on our roads?

It could be a big step forwards.

Pic: (creative commons)

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