Monday 30 April 2012

Fruitful Trees

Victoria Plum

This week on the blog we are sharing pictures of our favorite trees.

I'm anxiously watching the weather forecast to see if frost is going to threaten my fruit trees, as they make the transition from their barren winter state to the first signs of the harvest to come. Another couple of weeks without frost and all that devotion to the mysterious art of pruning should pay off!

Many of the trees are fan trained to make best use of space

Last year the pear suffered from Pear Blister Mite because of the dry conditions. I'm hoping that the mites have all swum away in the rain this April.

Damson - makes distinctive tasting puddings

These will be black, juicy grapes in August

Peaches are the first to ripen and should be ready in June - very juicy

Figs are my favorite but need a lot of sun - anyone seen it recently??

The monkey puzzle tree has flowered for the first time - apparently they don't set seeds for 30 years. The seeds are edible and a mature tree can produce a huge crop. I'm hoping that there is a male tree nearby to fertilize it.

A new apple tree - Peasgood Nonsuch - I hope the apples are as good as the name.

The Morello Cherry will grow where there is not much sun but it is for advanced pruners only! It only flowers on last year's growth which makes it tricky to keep getting a good crop but not letting the branches get longer and longer. This is year 9 and I get enough for 3 big cherry pies each year. Yum!

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