Thursday 12 January 2012

How do we feeel about 6 months of seasonal veg? Pretty good actually!

We’ve been enjoying FarmShare veg for about 6 months now, and I thought it was a good opportunity to ask a few members what they think about the scheme, to let you know what sort of a difference it’s making to people.

The things which people appreciate most about the scheme vary widely, but there are a few broad themes: People talk about discovering new food, new recipes, new friends and fun things to do.
I think the best thing about Farmshare is that it gives you the opportunity to try vegetables that you might not usually buy, might not know what to do with or thought that you didn't like! …Last year I discovered that I do in fact like broad beans and fennel!

I enjoyed helping out on the farm a few times, it is infinitely more pleasant and satisfying than roaming around [insert supermarket brand] with the rest of the Zombie Consumers bombarded by endless marketing campaigns!

I would say its added a whole new local dimension to my eating. Despite being a grower myself, Farmshare has connected me to other like veg minds and tummies, and its fun to come and plant on such a huge scale (25,000 autumn onions??) in such a short time (a morning!)
Everyone loves how it’s cut down on the dreaded supermarket shop and even how it’s moving a whole lot of food right out of the supermarket system:
I like the fact that we are ensuring that our growers get a fair deal, and they don't have to suffer the whims of supermarket purchasing strategies.
Lots of our members are really pleased to see it’s saving them money too.

But I think the last word should go to Elizabeth, for summing up exactly what it is we all set out to achieve those 3 long years ago:
It's totally changing the way I eat for the better, which is exactly what I wanted as my little girl watches and tries everything I eat!! Also great knowing there is no over packaging, no air miles, jobs for local people and the veg lasts longer than what I used to get from supermarket. Halved what I used to spend on food as my trips to the supermarket have halved and I don't impulse buy so much now. We promise to come help at the farm this year :-)
All of that is why I wanted to be involved from the beginning, and I’m so proud to see how far the farm has come and what a big difference it’s already making to Norwich people.

Thanks to Alice, Bee, Jon, Elizabeth and Laura for letting us know what you think!

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