Saturday 15 October 2011

NR3 - the place to be - part 2

Today I am expanding on meeting someone locally. In the olden days they had dances and you could meet someone in your own area and perhaps knew their family. Nowadays we are often looking for partners in a town we did not grow up in.

So how do we meet someone who has the same values as us? I met my girlfriend at Quakers so I already knew that she held many of the same values as me such as the importance of community and equality. She has many green credentials starting with an allotment in NR3 so I am sure of fresh vegetables throughout the year (is it true that the North city has more allotments that any other part of the city?) She is very non materialistic but thinks that some of us without children don't realise how important white goods are to your sanity. ( I am persuading her to write as a guest blogger on this subject)

She looks a lot like me only is smaller. Kind of how I would look from a distance. Which some would say is the best way to view me.

Because we live quite close it means I can cycle over to her house and have a drink and cycle home again (or not).

Yesterday she bought a chair from Barnados and we carried it up the street to her house. Of course being community minded means that everyone knows you and is watching you out of the window and possibly thinking 'oh look! that's that woman with her new girlfriend and look they are buying furniture together!' For the record we were not buying furniture together but she does have a lot of clothes in her house that I am persuading her she should store for the next clothes swapping party that should be at HER house.

On the less green side she has a rather large Volvo. However this was useful when we were running the Magdalen Street celebration and none of us had a car big enough to carry a table from the Octagon Chapel to Anglia Square. She tells me though that this is 15 years old and called Victoria and is necessary for the sanity of any mother (she should definitely write about this don't you think?)

If you think she should blog about being a mother then comment here .....

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