Sunday 13 February 2011

Come one, Come all with your low carbon living questions

The Transition Norwich blog has a new member! Please give a warm welcome to J. Bloggs, the brand new Transition Norwich agony blogger. Most Sundays JB will be here to answer your queries, problems and requests on how to live a low carbon life in Norwich and its hinterland. So if you have a burning question then please send it to and they will do their best to provide you with the answer.
We have a tricky conundrum to start us off. (another kettle!)
Dear J.Bloggs,

I have an old broken electric kettle. I do not think it can be repaired as it is a good 5 years old and it contains so much limescale that its probably doubled in weight! I want to get rid of it, but I don't want to just chuck it in landfill. What can I do?
Kerry, NR5

J.Bloggs will be answering Kerry's question on Sunday 27th February, so make sure you check in to find out their top tips. Also if you have any answers to the questions then please feel free to comment.

**disclaimer** J.Bloggs does not have all the answers and takes no liability for the consequences of any suggestions!**

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  1. I believe we used to use a dilution of vinegar to remove scale but had no problems for several years since using Waltham Electronics scale manager. It's a box size of large chocolate bar screwed to wall near mains inlet to interior of house. Runs on 9 volts of minute power consumption and transmits low frequency radiation via wire coiled round water pipe. Incredibly it works! May cost around £200 installed but could save eventual replacement of entire immersion tank .... it actually happened once. Sounds expensive and energy consuming but I believe in it. There's probably a web site for Waltham.