Thursday 4 November 2010

Remember, remember the 5th of , oh what day is it again?

I am at my parents house.
Mum has dementia and is in care to give dad a rest while he has a pacemaker fitted.
It got me thinking about the way we administer health care in this country. The whole system is based on cheap oil. From the location of the hospitals to the medication to the disposable, well disposable everything.
I used to think that all illnesses could be solved by alternative medicine but soon realized that this was not the case. However I am interested in the way we can stay fit and healthy particularly mentally in a modern world.
One great method is the five ways to wellbeing which has taken all the research into keeping healthy and reduced it to five key actions,
they are as follows:

take notice
keep active

I have been living like this for a couple of years and it fits in well with the transition way of life. For instance if you walk to work instead of driving you will keep fit, and connect with other local people and notice the street (Magdalen Street) as you walk down.
If you decide to make jam from local blackberries you will learn a new skill, get active from picking blackberries, notice nature, maybe give a jar away, perhaps connect by collecting them with a friend (make sure they have shorter arms than you or they will get all the best berries)
So you begin to see how it works. It does highlight how much our modern life prevents us from connecting and keeping active and so on.

I hope to return to Norwich soon before the dementia starts to get catching and don't forget 'its bonfire night and fire is really hot'.


  1. Great post Helen - a really great set of principles to live your life by; a sort of mental five-a-day!


  2. Love this Posting Helen, I too have vision of community, and like the 5a day mantra !Can be hard in the winter tho.....

  3. A firework post, Helen. I might add: Think with Your Heart as a number six. In this mental world we (over) use our rational minds to make decisions where our hearts are better directors of our actions. Thinking with Heart is how we stumble across our (natural) fellow feeling for the neighbourhood and the planet. Here's to the great work in NR3! Best wishes, Charlotte