Sunday 10 October 2010


(continued from yesterday) It appears to me, though, that in this case David Gershon is oversimplifying. You don't actually need the whole solution at the start, only the trust that you will get there on a given path. I think this is important, so let me say it again in different words: to engage wholeheartedly, we need to have faith that our best efforts will create a whole solution, but we only need to know the first step in enough detail to be able to implement it. With hindsight, I see that I already said so in July: Don't wait until you have a design, just start. But I have better evidence than that: people are signing up in droves to 10:10, doing the same thing: just getting started. Because 10:10 is not a whole solution, but it's great anyway, because we are doing it now. So what will the whole solution look like: 10:11, 10:12, 10:13, 10:14, 10:15, 10:16, 10:17, 10:18. This first bit will be the convergence bit for the UK and other overdeveloped countries (so called Annex B countries). 10:19, 10:20, 10:21, 10:22, 10:23, 10:24, 10:25, 10:26, 10:27, 10:28, 10:29, 10:30, 10:31, 10:32, 10:33, 10:34. This is the contraction bit for the whole world. 0.7:35, 0.7:36 ... 0.7:99 ... This is the stabilisation scenario for 2 °C warming as the natural carbon sinks get used to the higher atmospheric CO2.

(I haven’t mentioned my sources for the calculations, because I didn’t have the data I needed, so my calculations are rather inaccurate, and I didn’t want to imply any endorsement.)

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  1. Dear Erik,

    It's good too to remember the phenomenon of the homeopathic dose. The huge effect of a tiny amount of an energetically-distilled substance on the whole body. Sometimes the fleeting smile of a stranger can turn your whole day around.

    Talking of which a few minutes of 10:10 coverage can do this too.

    or check out the website

    Best low-carbon wishes,