Thursday 18 March 2010

A local group for local people

This morning I went for a walk with my dogs on Mousehold heath and was feeling rather virtuous for exercising in the outdoors. Then I climbed a tree and felt so happy especially when I got down again safely. Then I thought about how we spend our leisure time. Once I would have gone to a gym to exercise and paid highly for the privilege. But it used to be so soul destroying and now I cycle and walk places instead of driving and get exercise that way.

Before I joined transition I only socialized with people from work or other artists. If I went for a walk near my house I never met anyone I knew, now it takes me half an hour to buy a loaf of bread because I meet so many people on the way.

I have set up an environmental meeting in my postcode so that like minded individuals from NR3 can meet and share ideas. This way we will start to connect with people who live nearby. I now know about ten people who live a short walk from my house who I can go to for a coffee, invite to a clothes swap, buy a handmade necklace or just pass the time of day. Although I wouldn't say that the people in my actual street are people I would normally hang out with I have still found they have added to my living a greener life. All my neighbours have readily lent me things such as cake tins, ladders etc so I haven't had to buy them. The people opposite told me today of a welder who can mend things like metal chairs and ironing boards that might usually go to land fill. I am not sure if we are ready for a street party yet but maybe by the next jubilee who knows?


  1. I completely agree. It is so important to have friends you can rely on really close by, and community facilities with walking distance. The number of times we have had to call on people for things we need to borrow, or help with collecting the kids from school. I really value having everything I need within walking distance - leisure centre, parks, shops, library.

  2. I think that it is creating bonds with 'people that we would not normally hang out with' that is key to creating a resilient society. So few people talk to their neighbours and so many people are in a state of semi war with their neighbours. Seems that the richer we became the less we talked to each other - sad isn't it?