Monday 13 February 2012

Sustainable relationships. Part one

So you have survived Christmas, blue Monday and the snow. So surely it is all plain sailing now until spring?

You are kidding right? The lull before we buy Easter Eggs is nicely filled by Valentines day. Surely the most misery making day of the year. If you are in a relationship there is the pressure to conform to a basically commercial event. As if your 3 anniversaries are not enough to celebrate your relationship you now have to buy red stuff. If you are single then what might otherwise be a perfectly satisfactory arrangement is highlighted as something that sets you apart from the rest of the population who are presently sitting in a restaurant with their loved ones wondering if it would be rude to check facebook while you wait for the starter. But enough of all this! The real reason for my blog today is to set the scene for a week of posts about how relationships are influenced by transition. So we have people talking about all kinds of relationships, not just romantic. We will also cover friends, family and children.

The picture of the woman in the hat is my girlfriend who is wearing her Valentines present which I gave her yesterday because she will be away for the 14th. It is made from spare wool that I had in the house from previous projects. I met her at the Quaker meeting house and she lives in Norwich. I try to cycle to her house but she often drops me off the next day in her car. Is our relationship green? I like to think so. We both aspire to green values. She will be blogging later in the week about how you bring up children green without going mad or alienating them.
I hope you enjoy our week of blogs and you find something to inspire you and make you think.

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