Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Woods, Heath, River

In a recent message about the TN2 skills list I'm compiling (more on that another day), Chris asked me whether I was enjoying the woods. I realised that I'd been so caught up with Transition activities, meetings, documents, gatherings and waves and then the Copenhagen talks that I hadn't been to the wood for months. Or to the sea, the heath or the river. And I'd begun taking much less notice of the natural world than usual. So on Saturday and Sunday I went with Charlotte to the wood and the heath and the river and did some reconnecting. What better time for it than winter solstice?

Walking along the lane to the wood - a long way from the Spring Tonic walk in April

Pheasant tracks

Hazel trees touch hands along the path

Spindle berries

Birch tree on the heath


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