Sunday, 6 December 2009

Raising Expectations

Many of you will know that I'm campaigning for a cycle path - the details are here. We had a publicity event on Friday and the picture shows MP Richard Bacon joining children on the ride to school (Councillors Richard Bearman and Bert Bremner are also just visible).

The event went well and lots of important people have agreed to support the campaign. However, what has really worried me since starting this campaign is how low people's expectations are - they say 'Yes that is a good idea but nothing will get done'. We live in one of the most open democracies in the world yet people act as if it is a dictatorship where everything is determined in secret. I'm the chair of the Parish Council in a relatively affluent village - yet hardly anyone shows any interest in the PC.

The Transition Movement can show people what is possible and can inspire people to change their lives as individuals - and that is a key role that has to come first - but more people are also going to have to get involved with the process of local government if we are going to get the infrastructure needed for the mass of people to reduce their oil dependence.

Lots of people here would like to get on their bikes but they need a safe path to cycle on - not a dice with death in the form of speeding commuters and huge lorries!

Photo by Peter Steward

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  1. I couldn't agree more; so many people feel that things are completely out of control and they have no say in how their communities are run. But it's also like so many things, it takes a bit more effort to find out and get engaged, but it's well worth the effort.

    And of course, the cycling metaphor is very apt. The more of us that get on our bikes, literally and metaphorically, the stronger our local and national democracies will be. I'm sure the safest way to cycle is on a road with lots of fellow cyclists!