Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Hoar Frosts and Sourdough

Up early this morning to get a sourdough ready for baking later. This time for the starter I used Maple Farm's (Suffolk) rye flour in addition to the leaven, and then for the second dough, strong white flour grown and milled in Garboldisham and Wakelyn's (Metfield) strong wholemeal. The wholemeal smells great as you're kneading and stretching. As my hands moved around deep inside the pancheon I felt really in contact with life.

Outside it was just below freezing with a thick hoarfrost in the garden. In the kitchen it was about five degrees. But my hands warmed up in no time kneading the dough!

Last night I called Jane to check how long the leaven needs to be left after adding the rest of the new starter. She said in a warm place probably only a day or so. In our house that means the airing cupboard. As I write this in the (only slightly warmer) library the dough is being left to rise. I've been so pleased with the loaves I've made since Jane came and spent the day with us showing us how to be resilient home bakers, I'm going to give this one to Joan down at the community centre as a present.

(A few hours later: see above today's sourdough fresh from the oven)

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