Saturday, 18 December 2010

Christmas shopping part three - things you can make

I have decided to do a hamper for my parents when I go and see them. In it I will put some plum jam I bought at a fair, a Christmas cake I made (not the one in the picture, mine was more burnt looking well er actually burnt, but I am thinking icing), some Chocolate brownies (jamie olivers recipe is amazing) some fairtrade wine and some cheese (binham blue maybe).

With one of my friends I showed her a book of felted gifts from which she chose a small bag which I made by boiling down one of my mums cardigans (before you ask, yes she HAD thrown it out and no she wasnt wearing it)

Another friend I knitted a caftiere cosy which I tried out on his caftiere when he wasnt looking and then realized it was too small and had to knit some extensions. It looks cute in a look-my-coffee-pot-is-wearing-a-balaclava kind of way.

Of course you have to have started this process back in November when you would have been pouring alcohol into your cake every week, practising your brownies and stealing I mean repurposing your mums sweaters. So bookmark this page for next year and get to the shops there are only 168 hours of shopping left!
or go to this website...


  1. I started out well in August /September picking all my lavender and getting a high headache form striping the heads! to make lavender bags from lovely old duvet/ pillow case fabric.. unfortunately ran out of time before posting/ family transit times to the distant cousins etc.. but used my chutney instead.. no jam labels left.. friend Mel came to the rescue with brill idea of brown paper type xmas paper and plain sticky label... v stylish so I borrowed it thanks ! the rest will get saved seeds passed on form the heritage collections I am nursing.

  2. you really do have to start early when you make things i agree.
    I really want to make something out of those old sheets that have the candy stripes, I cant think of the name.
    its hard to find stuff that is easy to post, jam does NOT post well!