Saturday, 21 November 2009

"Are you wearing tights?"

I'll sign off for now with a picture of the second package I received from Andy in the post recently. And very welcome these will be too in the months to come. Some of us men in transition have been talking recently about bringing long johns back into the style in which they will surely become accustomed in the not too distant future.

A few weeks ago Tully wrote, "long johns are a forgotten but important item of clothing for us blokes. Forgotten because central heating rendered them unnecessary. Even in my Board meeting, though (where people ought to know better), a colleague stopped in mid-sentence, stared at my leg, and asked in a shocked voice, 'are you wearing tights?'"

I've enjoyed writing these posts this week, but only with my previous post did I begin to get the feeling Jon and Charlotte spoke about of not wanting to stop!

So, after the weekend it's over to you Jane, and here's wishing you the happiest of blogging.

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