Sunday, 8 November 2009

Beans, brassicas, bulbs....

Just a quick update on the allotment. I’ve spent a little time there this morning (Sunday), after doing some work on it during the week with Brenna.

I've forked over the first strip and planted:

  • three sorts of broad beans (so we can do some trials of what works best)
  • spring cabbage plants
  • onion sets
  • three sorts of garlic
  • some Italian winter salad (might be too cold, but we'll see).

Mr Fox paid a visit and left us a lot of footprints but no presents (phew).

On the rough dug patch to the right of the pond I was going to sow green manure, but I discovered that there is just time to put more broad beans in if I get a wriggle on. Stan has given me some broad bean seeds that he has saved, so it would be very nice to have our first TN bean crop from TN seeds (many thanks, Stan!).

We now have four types of broad bean to compare, plus some more spring cabbages; and I’m taking a gamble on some Cicoria Rossa di Verona – who knows, it might be colder in Verona than Norwich.

Mahesh is going to organise soft fruit bushes for us over the next few weeks - a block of raspberries to go round the far end of the pond on the right; and assorted fruit bushes to go along the back.

So, now is a good time for us to start collecting cuttings of herbs, fruit bushes, strawberry layers etc.

Do come along to check up on how our TN garden grows. See you soon!

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