Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Writing on the Wall

So this is it, the final week of our crowdfunding appeal for Transition Free Press. Tense nail-biting behind the scenes, as the outcome will determine whether the crew will be paid a small fee for the last six months' hard work and we will be able to cross the financial bridge to our next May issue.

At the time of writing  we have reached our 1st  target of £10K and are now racing to our final Valentine's Day target on Thursday for £15K. We have over 90 terrific backers and need about 40 more to make this big deadline.

All contributions, from the new £5 Kind Supporter level through to the Highly Esteemed Change Maker (£750) are welcome. You can also become a TFP Friend and sign up for an annual subscription (£15).

So, dear reader, if you are reading this post and thinking of contributing we would love to hear from you at our on-line appeal asap! Many thanks. Here's the link:

https://www.buzzbnk.org/Transition FreePress

Meanwhile there are reports of brisk sales of TFP Issue 1 in fairs, festivals, farmer's markets and film showings around the UK. We've also had 2547 reads of our on-line version. These pix are from the stall we (that's Mark Watson, distribution manager and myself as ed) shared with Greenpeace at their Waveney Valley Winter Fair on Saturday. Over 50 copies sold and with lots of good conversations too. Let's keep this new media and Transition comms tool going! We've already started on Issue 2 . . .

The Common Room: I will be teaching a class on Grassroots Media at the Common Room on 23rd February at 1pm. We'll be looking at working with a crew, starting up our own media hubs and disseminating a different story than the one published by corporate media. Do check for details here

Copies of Transition Free Press will also be available on the day and after this date in the city. Check for our great Norwich distributors and outlets here.

The Common Room will be open from 11am-4pm at St Lawrence's Church, Benedict Street.

Selling TFP at last Saturday's Greenpeace Fair in Southwold; messages in a bottle, The Common Room, November 2012

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