Saturday, 6 August 2011

Now I have finished the pride preparations I can start doing stuff for the Magdalen street celebration. Some of you may know that this street festival was invented last year as a way of engaging local people in community and transition ideas. We decided that a party was the best way to get people involved in what was originally the NR3 transition group. The day was a resounding success and we are now planning the second one for 2nd October this year.

Like Norwich pride the event last year was run on a shoestring. Everybody pitched in though with their skills and enthusiasm. Anglia square had loads of crafts people on stalls. Under the flyover was the human dynamo which is a pedal powered pa system.Although the taiko drummers did not need a any amplification as their sounds echoed round the concrete walls.
Because it was so successful we have a rush on this year for bands wanting to play and people wanting to have stalls.

If you want to get involved we still need people to help both leading up to the festival and on the day. click on this link Magdalen street celebration to find out more.

I myself am going to sign off now as the people next door are smoking cannibis and its coming through the window and making me sleepy. I am going to wake up starving again, I know it......

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